Betterlux restructured its online shopping web site

BETTERLUX Technology Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of LED lights, specializing in custom luminaire projects as well as retrofit replacements. We are committed to delivering the most cutting edge technology with the highest quality of light while meeting and exceeding energy efficiency standards, all to improve our customers' bottom line.

In 2017,BETTERLUX updated its website to be the lighting online store that provides the best selection, service and price. We believe that the variety of the products with fast shipping plays a very important role in how a customer thinks about buying lighting online. At BETTERLUX, we are constantly working on making sure the items get delivered to our customer as quickly as possible. For the best and fastest service, BETTERLUX moved to a new 60,000 sq.ft facility in Montclair and has an inventory available.

Better your lighting, and better your life! BETTERLUX are always committed to providing quick service both for products and technology support.