Betterlux releases an amazing “Quadruple-proof” LED panel light: S16-H Series

Shenzhen China, July. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Betterlux Technology Corp., a professional vendor of high-end panel lights in LA, recently released a “Quadruple-proof” panel light, S16-H series. Here Quadruple-proof means waterproof, dust-proof, fire resistant and air-purifying. This type of panel light is not only designed with a unique structure of heat dissipation through the whole back plate and 360°sliding nuts for various installation methods, but also it avoids traditional treatment with glue around panel light and it adopts a new technology of a gasket ring. On one hand, it keeps the same appearance with the traditional one, but it includes a better water resistance of up to IP66, on the other hand, its temperature rises only 30 degrees centigrade at most, which perfectly solves the common problem of heat dissipation for a waterproof panel light with glue treatment. Most importantly, in contrast with other similar products, the cost of an S16-H series panel light is only 50% as much as others, which is more competitive.

Unique design of heat dissipation and installation methods

As we know, for traditional panel lights, the LED light bar (light source) is directly stuck onto the aluminum frames, through which heat dissipates. The area for heat dissipation is so small that the temperature usually rises up to 60 degrees centigrade. After long term use, it will have greater levels of light decay. The S16-H Series panel light uses the whole aluminum back plate to dissipate heat. The LED light bar is placed onto the bending parts of the aluminum back plate, therefore the whole back plate can be the heat dissipation area. The thermal image shows the highest temperature is only 30 degrees centigrade. This significantly helps increase the longevity of the light. In addition, the joints of bending parts of the aluminum back plate are not closed. This type of design is good for reducing pressure from the light guide plate and protecting the LEDs from being destroyed from LGP in high temperature due to its physical expansion and contraction. Betterlux’s panel light is designed with a screw-free structure patent, instead of too many screw designs from other vendors. Each unit comes ready to install in standard drop-down ceiling grids. Additional mounting hardware is available for alternative installation types, such as recessed, suspension and surface mounted.

Water spraying resistant, dust proof and fireproof design

Thanks to the unique structure design, the S16-H Panel light adopts a new sealing technology with gasket rings rather than traditional treatment with glue around panel light. The panel light has passed the strict water spraying resistant and dust proof tests from the authoritative laboratory, but also carries forward the advantages of heat dissipation and an elegant appearance as before. Under the circumstances that fire resistant panel lights are required, it can be changed with a PC diffuser, made with V0/V2 fire resistant grade materials.

Air-purifying Features

To meet some particular needs of sterilization and air purification, the S16-H air-purifying panel was designed for these purposes. These innovative LED panel lights combine efficient energy saving lighting with high standards of hygiene, clean air and low bacterial load. The principle of operation is based on an internationally accepted scientific method of sterilization photo catalyst , normally TiO2. It is powder coated on the S16-H panel and it performs extraordinarily well in catalyzing and reducing harmful organic substances when it is under the light irradiation. It can kill various bacteria in air and depredate the toxins produced from the bacteria and the fungi. On top of this, it also has deodorization and anti-pollution functions. The coating is not harmful and thus is widely used in schools, offices, medical industry, food industry , aseptic dust-free workshops and supermarkets. This product has passed all-around tests from a professional and authoritative institute.

“The product has earned lots of compliment and good feedback since its creation. It covers the shortage of similar products. Some of them are ugly-looking, some are bad at dissipating heat, and others are too expensive.” Said by Mr Joe, CEO of Betterlux. He also added that more products are available in Betterlux. They are good in the aspects of appearance design and practicability. You are welcome to visit or request a sample. For more information, please go and visit our web site or call us at 0086-755-29955993.